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Clinical Research Study!

This clinical research study is for children ages 6 – 17 who have functional constipation.

To qualify for the Marco Clinical Research Study, your child must meet these criteria that are consistent with Functional Constipation:

• Be between 6 and 17 years old

• Have 2 or fewer bowel movements a week and may

o Actively try to stop their bowel movements or

o Do what doctors call “retentive posturing.” They may stand straight, on their toes, or may have a red face as they try to stop their bowel movements

• Have painful or hard bowel movements

• Otherwise, be in relatively good health

There may be other requirements to enter the study.

If your child participates in the Marco Clinical Research Study, he/she will visit the Study Doctor’s office approximately 6 times in 12 weeks. The study will last approximately 9-12 weeks. Your child will be asked to complete an eDiary two times each day. You can complete the diary for your child, instead. The study staff will teach both of you how to use the study diary.

marco captains wheelStudy participants will receive study-related exams, lab tests, and investigational study drug at no charge. Your child’s health will be monitored by the Study Nurse and Doctor.

To see if you may be eligible to participate, take the pre-screening questionnaire.



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Don’t miss the boat.
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